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Barristers Title Was Not My Friend

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kateri27 By kateri27 on
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I have bought and sold four houses in the past seven years. I have used four different title agencies, and for the most part have been pretty darn pleased with them.

I was that is until I used Barristers title Company in Independence, Ohio. It is a somehow related to Howard Hanna/Smythe Cramer, how exactly I am not sure?

We relocated from another part of the state so we signed al of the paperwork in front of a notary with very little contact with the title company. What contact we did have was, well frankly disturbing. First they asked for an additional $136 to be wired just in case we had "additional fees come up, because they would hate to call me up and ask me to mail them in $9.00."

Well the math obviously did not add up on that one. I did not send in the overage. After all was said and done they actually ended up calling me and telling me that we had a credit of $30 and could we come and pick up the check at their office (I guess they didn't know what a stamp was?) Well moving does not alot a lot of free time so we told them to just mail the check. Supposedly they did, but wait it gets better. After the put the check in the mail they told me they made a mistake, and guess what WE owed them $8, so we should just rip up the check and come in and give them money.

After all of this we never did end up getting that "stop payment" check for $30, but then again we never did mail them their check for $8 like I said I would.

I will never use barristers title again.

Update On Mar 17, 2008: Too funny. I just got a letter from them asking me to send in a check for $30. Why, because I apparently owe them $9. Somehow the math doesn't add up. What is going on with this company asking us to send in more money then we actually owe?