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Bath And Body Works Alluring Apple 3 In 1

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By mellaview on
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I've been a Bath and Body Works junkie for quite some time now. My favorite line of products they carry though by far goes to the collection of Temptation products.

Temptations manages to bottle up bath and body products with formulas that smell like heaven.

A favorite of mine has always been Alluring Apple, which is a 3 in 1 bathing gel. You can use Alluring Apple as a shampoo, body wash, or as a bubble bath.

The Scent:

Is to die for.

It smells like a red delicious apple right down to the core. It has a crisp, fresh scent, that I love.

When Used as a bubble bath, Alluring Apple sadly does not create many bubbles at all. Even using a lot of the gel does not do the trick. It makes the bath water smell great, but other than that using the gel for a bubble bath is actually quite wasteful.

I adore Alluring Apple as a shampoo though. It dries my hair out a bit, but if you use a good conditioner afterward, the drying feeling goes away.

I love it as shampoo because the lather is thick, the scent is gorgeous, and I love it because the red dellicious apple scent stays in my hair a day or so after using it.

Alluring Apple works well when used as a body wash. It does not leave any residue behind, not does it dry out skin. The lather is silky, and it gets you really clean. What sucks about it as a body wash though, is how the scent does not last with you after drying up.

Overall, Alluring Apple would make a killer 3 in 1 if it actually did all 3 of the things it was supposed to do. The bubble bath is wasteful, and when used as body wash Alluring Apple is just, eh.

You can pick up a bottle at any local Bath and Body works for $12.00 for a 16 ounce bottle. (It lasts a long, long time). You can also purchase Alluring Apple online at Bath and Body Works website.

For me Alluring Apple is an okay product. I like it mostly for use as a shampoo though. $12.00 for a shampoo is sort of pricey though.


Alluring Apple comes in a plastic see through bottle, with a normal click up cap. On the bottle there will be a hand drawn photo of a red delicious apple.