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Bath Body Works Orange Ginger

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One positive thing to come out of our recent few days away was the discovery of this incredibly invigorating shower gel.

My sister in law is obsessed with Ebay and she has found some incredible deals while shopping there. When we were busy unpacking at the cottage last weekend I realized that I couldn't locate my shower gel...a brand new bottle of a heavenly scented product that I was eager to try. Disappointed I asked my daughter if I could snag some of hers instead. Quickly, my sister in law produced a slightly amber looking liquid in a squeeze top bottle and very understated label and told me to try it. In her words, 'it's to die for'. According to her whenever she used this shower gel, she was certain to have people commenting on the refreshing scent that lingered on her skin and actually I had recalled doing that a few times as well. The scent carries surprisingly but is far from offensive to the nose.

Apparently Bath and Body Works has been in the process of revamping some of their lines and this particular shower gel appears to be one that may not be available for too much longer.

Pity really. After reading the ingredients, essential oils from oranges and ginger...I decided to pass. I like oranges to eat and I'll even suck on ginger candy at times but to shower with either didn't really appeal to me. To be honest, the scent from the bottle wasn't something that I thought I really wanted to smell like. She insisted, this was the very same product she had been using for months now and the smell once on your body, was heavenly. Using her 'I'll be upset if you don't at least try it' speal, I gave in.

The shower gel is concentrated so a little does indeed go a long way. The scent? Wow, heavenly isn't quite how I would describe it in the shower but energizing? Most definitely. This gel fills your senses with a real wake up boost and I could easily see myself looking for reasons to shower just so I could use this.

Two very small dollops of the light amber liquid was all that was necessary for the entire shower...the lather was generous and the scent was long lasting. When I stepped from the shower the entire bath area smelled of it and it was a scent that actually did seem to lift the spirits. The bathroom even continued to smell great for the remainder of the day.

Normally after showering I'll slap on some good old moisturizing cream but this time I decided to forgo that step. My skin felt smooth and soft and when I smelled my skin? Ooooh laaa laa...and the scent did indeed last the entire day. I found myself sniffing my arm every so often just to see if it was still fragrant. Even after we went shopping and I was in the sun for a few hours, the scent from the shower gel lingered well into the evening. My skin, at least on my legs can sometimes get a little dry but after using this gel that wasn't a problem. My skin was smooth and silky right through the entire day and even into the following morning when I showered with the new gel I'd finally found tucked in the corner of a bag. After the B&BW Energy shower, my new gel seemed to be a real let down in comparison.

At $13.00 a bottle for 10 fluid oz this product will easily outlast most of the other less concentrated products on the shelf. The gel is infused with green tea extracts to keep the skin in good, soft condition as well as orange and ginger essential oils and the Company claims that it "stimulates the soul and sharpens the senses" and I have to agree.

It is one of the nicest shower gel products I have ever used and a few days after arriving home I decided to hunt it down on Ebay. It's difficult to find and by all indications won't be around for long but if you can locate it and you are into fresh, invigorating and aromatherapy scents...this one is a definite must try.