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Batle Continues

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These games are entry in the genre category RPG/ Role-Playing and the rate class is T (Teen), ESRB Content Descriptors: Suggestive Themes.In this game, there are some new features that are not owned by the previous Suikoden games. Like the way the story is not so in touch with the game Suikoden I and II are much related. Suikoden III is the story around 15 years after Suikoden II. So, many of the character in Sukoden II, will seen old or replaced by new generation in this game. In Suikoden III, character design and setting is very different. The character is freer and come from different culture.

At the beginning of this game, you must choose one of three different main characters. This tree main character is being based on located in tree different culture. Like a Mongolian culture or old Europe. The way the story of each character is different, but all the ending is same. This game is including a multiple ending, so you will not be bored in play this game.

Based on my experience, there are some good systems that are applied in this game. Like a Battle system, Buddy system and Ride system. Let's see about the system.


For the battle system, Sukoden III use new system known as Free Position Battle (FPB). With this system, you can free set your troop members like set the Wizard that you have can use magic attack with protector from Knight who will holding the opponent attacks. This is a unique system that never use in the other RPG game.


You can use Buddy system for create combo attack. With combine two characters and ordered them to make a combo attack and you can look how a good their attack. Combo attack the created is varying, depending on the type of attacks that owned of the each character.


Ride system is extension from Buddy system, but in this system use combination between two different characters like a Human Knight with Griffon or Horse. With ride the Griffon or Horse can combine both HP, so that the character is strengthened. But this system also used by the enemy, so be careful for the enemy who use this system because their must be strong.


Suikoden III is a game which is very interesting for me, a wide range of adventure and can not be completed in one night. You need a long time to finish this game. However, in terms of graphic quality, this game is very good. Plus the way the story is interesting and some features of the secret must be opened to use save data from Suikoden II, to make this game more interesting. I highly recommend this game for the gamer. Experience the challenge when you play it.


For the gamer or the parent, always note the rate class before buying. Customize with your child's age. Because as long as my knowledge, many games that are only entertaining but not educate. So, all depends on your control.

by Agus47