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Batman Forever For Gameboy

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Batman Forever is a Gameboy game based on the movie of the same name. The game features a Mortal Kombatesque play controls which allows you to do Mortal Kombat moves such as punch, superkick, roundhouse kick, low kick, flying kick and uppercut. The game consists mostly of fighting unknown villains such as Catnip, Kamikaze, Jazz, Knuckles and Guardian in a Mortal Kombat type of match. In the end you face the Riddler in an epic showdown.

The game has three levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium and Hard. The game also includes several powerups such as a homin batarang, a batgun and electric pellets. The problem with the game is its poor graphics. Considering earlier games made by Sunsoft such as Batman and Batman The Return of the Joker, the graphics are terrible. In fact, the Riddler looks like a protozoa. I wish they had looked into this before releasing the game. The game is terrible and is only riding on the Batman franchise for slaes. Do not buy this game.