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Batman Return Of The Joker For Gameboy

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This is the Gameboy sequel to the first Batman game. The game however is totally different from the first. It is a better following of the Batman series. No longer does Batman have guns but he uses a batarang, grappling hook and a fist. The same as the first game however, you have to go through four levels. The first three levels could be done interchangeably. The levels are the following:

1) Sewer - The boss is Dark Claw

2) Machine Shop - The boss is Shogun Warrior

3) The Train - The boss is Foul Ball

4) Limestone Caverns - The boss is the Joker

The game comes in two modes - normal and hard. In the hard mode, the Joker comes armed with a giant magnet that syphons away your batarangs. This makes your final battle much tougher.

The Verdict

The graphics and sound of the game is pretty good. I also liked the fact that they took the batgun away. Batman hates guns. The game also has four nice themed stages. Most enemies however are generic henchmen. The Joker is quite difficult to beat in difficult setting. You should try it.