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Battalion Wars

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By Judith DaSilva on
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It's like a strategic third person shooter game where you are switiching between a squd of different units to complete certain objectives. This can range from completing missions for the single player campaign mode to even doing online skirmishes with friends or anyone or even doing an assault game online.


The Graphics are nothing to get excited about, but hese are graphics that get the job done and are nothing choppy. The way all the characters look are cool and each infantry unit have a really cool design to the way they look. The sound isn't so bad, but there is no interesting music going on which would be really fun to be fighting and hearing some cool combat music.


The gameplay is as stated a strategic kind of shooter where you must switch between different units to complete a goal. There are many units in this game ranging from air, naval, infantry and to vehicles. This makes it fun with the wide diversity of units there are. And the online's really fun too! There's co-op to play with a friend or anyone and also skirmish and assault. The only bad thing that reappears in this online is the friend codes, but we've all learned to get used to that on Wii games.

Total Score:

3.8 -- It's a good game, but nothing special definitely could be upgraded and for features there really aren't any other than the online and the campaign mode. A local mutliplayer would definitely be a good feature in a Battalion Wars 3.