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Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

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Last year when we were back to school shopping 1 dozen already sharpened pencils were on my son's list. We had one of those small hand held pencil sharpeners at home but I thought since we needed so many done and I have always wanted one for craft projects anyway, I would just go and buy a battery operated one.

I bought the X-Acto battery operated pencil sharpener at Target. X-Acto is a name brand that I have grown up with and I trusted them over a store brand one. The sharpener is a light blue color and has a built in pencil holder and a digital clock. It operates on 4 AA batteries.

The first few times we used it I was not impressed with the quality or the speed at which it sharpened. I figured it was just taking longer than I expected because the pencils were brand new and we were starting from scratch. Well the more we used it, the worse it got. It got to the point where it would only sharpen the pencil to where the lead was just showing and then would not sharpen it any more. We took it apart and cleaned it to make sure nothing was stuck in it. Then it started sharpening all the way to a point but it would break off the lead or sharpen it in a weird way where it looked OK until you tried to write with it and then the lead would break off or fall out. We changed the batteries out and tried it some more but it was never much better and always hit or miss until we finally just gave up.

I don't know if it was because this sharpener was defective or if this is a common problem with battery operated sharpeners but I do know I will not purchase a battery operated one again. Next time I will try an electric one and see if I have better luck with it.