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Battle Of The Bytes

Reviewing: Dish Network V.S. Comcast Basick Package  |  Rating:
James Armistead By James Armistead on
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I have not accurately depicted the quality on any of the categories or features listed above, and have done so with reason. As the spacing only permits for you to critique one Brand of the product you are reviewing, and I am mentioning two, I cannot include a fair analysis using the stars above. I do assure you; however, that I will address each one of these categories within the body of the review. That being said, I am writing this review somewhat remorsefully. Not because I am sad due to the topic of discussion; I chose it, but because in prioritizing topics of importance, it is probably the least essential topic to discuss. On the contrary, it offers an opportunity to discuss many concerns and opinions about the two brands mentioned. This alone makes it worth writing, as my experience with both providers allows a non biased opinion.

Comcast cable is the premier digital cable company for the south. It offers a variety of channels for families to view a numerous amount of programming . The Dish Network is an equally large enterprise distributing satellite service to millions of Americans, and offers similar channels for our viewing pleasure. In regards to reliability of the service itself, I believe that they share an equal blame for faulty service when weather interferes with broadcasting. Many nights while thunderstorms stampeded above, and lightning bolts threatened the sky, I was ready to enjoy an evening of entertainment with the usual assortment of channels that specialize in reality tv, but was unable to accommodate my viewing desires; because the screen only displayed black and white randomized dots that looked like billions of ants running around in Times Square on New Years Eve throwing white confetti. Whether I had my television connected to a port in the wall or to a long shaft with a metallic umbrella, neither service offered any guarantee of functionality during troubled weather. When it came to reliability with the technicians who came to my place of residence, the Dish Network technicians were always pleasant; mindful of the children, and fairly clean with their presentation and departure. The Comcast technicians came to my house in 2005 and advised me they needed to pick up extra equipment and would return later. I am still waiting for them. Not solely to fix my issue, but also to pick up their remaining tools that were left 6 years ago.

Both services to me offer a similar choice in programming options; however, I do prefer the Dish Network idea of recording any movie or television show you want to your HDR box as opposed to only being able to watch the videos and episodes Comcast wants you to through 'On Demand'. I like, and seriously prefer the ability to record anything. If I have the channels with my desired shows and or films, than I will always be able to watch the episodes or movies I want. If I have to wait for the 'On Demand' technicians or advisors to update the list with my particular show and/or movie, I may never get to fulfill my viewing pleasures. This obstruction causes frustration, which, fueled by the time it takes to search through the Comcast lists to find my favorite shows or movies made me no longer want their service. With the Dish Network options, I can actually search for anything I want by entering its' name. I don't have to continue clicking the down arrow button and work my way through the list; I can enter the name of the show or movie using the alpha-numeric buttons on my remote control. The quality picture on both is extremely good when compared to the pixels we saw on old tube based televisions. We can clearly make out background scenery; blemishes on the faces of the characters, and even sweat on some high-definition channels. I do believe the Dish Network satellite produces a clearer image of these things and has less blurred vision in the background, but Comcast has worked hard to restore natural color to their imaging on tv.

These services have offered an affordable way to continue keeping in touch with the entertainment and the news world we live in today. One can simply turn on their television set and be provided with all the information needed about a multitude of topics and from a variety of sources. Whether you prefer CNN or Fox News, both providers give you direct access to the channels you need to continue your daily routines. While Comcast has been around for years and has gained the trust of many of its consumers, "the Dish" as it is affectionately referred to, is still growing and learning what would best satisfy its consumers and would allow them to keep their core base. Dish Network has offered fair market prices and an excellence in service that business gurus and leaders in America should admire. With the excellence in customer service and in the real usefulness of their network and system, Dish Network, to me, is worth the $25 and the activation fee. I have had them since Comcast left my house and will continue to use them until Comcast returns. Which apparently, is never.