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Battlefield 2

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seriousazn By seriousazn on
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A couple of my friends bought this like way back when it first came out. IT was pretty pricey back then so I didn't buy it. Finally, one day my friends had convinced me to go to bestbuy with them and buy this game so we could play some online together. When I first played I was pretty impressed with how much co-op is in this game. The medic heals and revives teammates, The engineer repairs vehicles and strategic objects (Such as the artillery, radars, uav vans, etc.), The ehavy trooper backs up the other teammates by tanking down the tanks and vehicles the try to mow 'em down. The support character (The one with the machinegun) can supply ammo to those who have been going trigger happy and such. Snipers can take out the stray players running around the back with minimal effort and saving the lives of many teammates because if that stray would have gotten the jump on em it would have been over, snipers also make awesome spotters. The Special Ops is the one with the manual detonating C4 that is used to take out strategic objects that the enemy commander uses. The commander is very important because he can turn the tide of the game by launching an artillery at a far away enemy capturing a base, or providing supplies to teammates in need. The overall gameplay is awesome as well, with so many different vehicles, guns, and ways to kill people! The fun just never ends. The one con i would have to say is when you are in the water everything is like slow motion...