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Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Better Than Mw2?

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is for all intents and purposes a top-of-the-line shooter, becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Modern Warfare 2. As of March 18, 2010, EA reported that BC2 had an astonishing 2.3 million sales to its name. However the question still lingers; is EA's Bad Company sequel better than Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare sequel? Yes, and No. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has many strength's that make it stand out from MW2 and stand alone as a shooter. Bad Company 2 displays the most profound audio and visual experiences in the gaming industry with its amazingly rich visuals and crisp audio. I've found my self taking a fatal bullet or two in campaign-mode simply because I was too busy taking in the scenery or reveling in the realism and impact of the sun's glare on my character's line-of-sight. The gun shots and explosions are crisp and delivered with perfection; recalling to me the many profound glory-hunting sensations experienced in the HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers". Even the environment in which your character is surrounded is alive and in play as the very wall you hide behind can betray you to the next RPG to strike your position. The destructible environment is the one key feature of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that makes it stand out favorably from MW2. I often found myself using my rifle's grenade launcher to blow open a point-of-entry through a wall as I dashed for cover from structure-to-structure during a firefight. It added to the suspenseful rush of the game as there is one level in which you are forced to go from one heated dwelling to another to prevent yourself from freezing to death; with time being imperative, I found my self grenade-launching walls of homes while in full-sprint in order to secure myself an entry point upon arrival. This is not the only unique feature of BC2 though; there is of course the use of various vehicles which make the game-play far more enjoyable as well; everything from dune buggies to fully armored battle-tanks. These features along with the exciting cinematics' of all the crazy and life-threatening experiences your team and their hippy helicopter pilot find themselves in make for an excellent shooter-based gaming experience.

With this being said, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 could do better when it comes to the story line. From the moment the game begins, there is this overwhelmingly odd feeling that you have already been here before (and I don't mean by Bad Company 1). BC2 has an eerie fusion in its story that plants it somewhere between the Metal Gear series and the Modern Warfare storyline. No doubt, the story is well delivered and still has its unique qualities, but it could have been better. Also, the online play is not as fluid and cohesive as it is in Modern Warfare 2, the servers lag up, there are too many glitches, and the overall gameplay and environment in the multi-player is lacking, and that will keep BC2 (as of right now) from competing with MW2 in the multi-player arena (which is what MW2 is accredited for in making it a truly successful shooter).

All being said, they are both one-of-a-kind games and masterpieces in their own right. I highly suggest you go out and grab a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2; it will give you a whole new perspective on shooters, and if you still like MW2 more, then at the very least Bad Company 2 will inspire you to demand more of it's unique offereings in future installations of the Modern Warfare series.

Update On Jul 13, 2010: Multiplayer Updates:

In my initial review I stated that this game was not able to meet its potential or compete with Modern Warfare 2 because of the issues with its online game-play. Well this has changed because EA has recently rolled out two or more multiplayer software updates to resolve the issues with lag and server-connectivity. I now do not run into any lag when playing online and no longer get booted in between matches. The game runs smooth and I never knew how much fun multiplayer and onslaught mode (both online) could be until now. I have been glued to the game for the past week and in the process of unlocking all the weapons, gadgets, and equipment for online play (which really adds to the excitement of the game). This is a must-buy!