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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Ps3, Xbox 360)

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By Tyler Conner on
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Battlefield Bad Company 2

When Battlefield Bad Company was ported from the PC in early 2000, many console gamers were unsure of what quality they would receive from a game such as one like this. Some took a chance with it, and EA Games had success with the port. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, EA goes far beyond what they expected to carry out with their war first person shooter.

Many people unfairly compare BFBC2 to Modern Warfare 2. Just to clarify, these games are not alike, even if they do both have guns in them. I will go into this in detail as the review progresses.

The story mode puts you in the shoes of a young man who is part of a small squad of ex-convicts and has-beens. The military sends your group, properly named "Bad Company", into a many wild goose chases as the story progresses. Don't worry though, there is plenty of action throughout, which is fueled by the amazing destruction engine that makes the entire enviroment vulnerable.

Playing through the story, I noticed how after most missions the game left me with an empty feeling as I didn't accomplish anything. Most other games in the genre (not going to mention any names) have massive explosions and dramatic ways to finish levels. I was disappointed in the campaign near the end of it, but that turned into anticipation of Battlefield 3, which has recently been announced.

By far, the shining grail of this game is the multiplayer. EA went with the traditional Squad Deathmatch, which is four teams of four battling it out, and another mode called Rush, w you attack or defend a point on the map. At first glance these few options may seem dry, there is plenty of fun to be had here.

You gain XP when playing online based on kills, wins, and other medals you receive based on your performance, with 50 being the highest level possible. MW2 fans might be shocked when they hear there is no prestige in this game, but no fear, leveling up is SLOW. I have played online for almost two days now, and still havent gotten to level 30. The only flaw with this system is the reward system. I have unlocked all the gadgets, guns, and "perks" you can possibly get, so I have less and less motivation to play after every match; which can last for 45 mins. at a time.

Destruction is key to this game based on realism. See an enemy behind cover? Blow the wall up. This feature can take down entire houses with a few sticks of C4 explosives, and adds a whole new dimension to the game. With this being said, the game not only looks, but sounds great. With larger maps, the frame rate has dropped, but the detail put into every map is jaw-dropping. In addition to that, I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is to jump put of shock when a tank shoots a missile right next to you, taking the apartment you were in, to the ground. The voice acting online gets repetitive, including the classic "die m*****f*****" with every swing of your knife.

Fluid controls, realistic graphics, and a solid story make this a game any FPS lover should at least give a shot. Who knows, even a hardcore COD player might enjoy a little change of pace.