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Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution

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Buasch + Lomb Biotrue Solution

As a BzzAgent, I got to try Bausch + Lomb Biotrue multi-purpose solutionfor free. The kit I received contained a 10 fl. oz. bottle of the lens cleaning solution, two plastic lens cases for storing contacts in the solution (each 10 oz. bottle of solution comes with its own lens case, and I received a separate one in my bzzkit), information about the solution, and coupons to share with others who might be interested in trying the product.

I absolutely do not have anything negative to say about this solution. I noticed a difference in how my contact lenses felt after having soaked them in the Biotrue solution only once. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that I forgot I was wearing contact lenses.

Every other lens cleaning solution I've ever used leaves my eyes feeling a bit gritty, even after only a few hours. I guess I just assumed that was a normal hazard to wearing contact lenses. After a long day of wearing my lenses, my eyes would often feel dry and irritated. Sometimes it would even get to the point where I would just have to take them out after eight or nine hours - I simply couldn't stand wearing them any longer. Again, I just assumed that was normal with having something unnatural sitting on my eye for an extended period of time. A couple of lens cleaning solutions I've tried are Clear Care and Renu MultiPlus.

But the Biotrue multi-purpose solution is different. With this solution, I forget that I'm wearing contacts. (The first time I wore my contacts after soaking them in Biotrue, I actually put my eyeglasses on, before leaving the house. I wore them for a few hours before I remembered that I had put contacts in and didn't need the glasses). Using Biotrue, I've worn my contact lenses for up to 12 hours, and they usually still feel just as comfortable as when I first insert them in the morning. My lenses bothered me only once while using this solution, and I'm fairly certain it was due to outdoor irritants; I had mown the lawn, and the pollen count was high that day. So, I simply removed the lenses, soaked them in Biotrue, and they felt wonderful the next time I inserted them.

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue multi-purpose solution is different from other solutions in that is contains a lubricant that your eyes produce, it is pH balanced to feel like natural tears, and it has a "dual-disinfection system" to clean and disinfect.

I especially like that contact lenses can be stored for up to thirty days in a lens case filled with Biotrue solution. It is ideal for people like me who wear contact lenses infrequently. Most lens solutions do not reccomend storing your lenses in the case for more than a day or two between uses.

At this time, Biotrue is not available in a no-rub formula, but it's worth adding a couple of minutes to my nighttime regimen.