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Bay Fresh With T.E.G.

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This is not an equipment but rather an aerosol spray. I was tempted to categorize this under Home Scents, but looking into it, this product is really an air purifier.

Anyway, we often complain that our room smells awful, especially in the morning. It smells dank, even if during the day it is aired out and we would open the curtains to let the sunlight in. The linens are changed every week, the baby doesn't pee on the crib, etc., but still there is that stinky smell, like body oils that had rotten. I don't know.

Then we saw on TV about an air sanitizer spray that is supposed to kill the odor-causing bacteria in the air. We forgot the brand, but the acronym T.E.G. for Triethylene Glycol stuck in our minds. When we went to the grocery, we just looked for the product with TEG and since there is only one--Bay Fresh--we got it.

When we got home that night, there was that stinky smell again. So I told my husband to bring the baby outside so that I could spray the room. After awhile we went it, the smell was still there and the scent of Bay Fresh Air Sanitizer was also gone. Sigh...Anyway, I repeated the process the next morning, sparing no spray, but still it didn't work as expected. The smell was there, even if the room is clean and the linens are fresh. Duh.

Then we realized when we saw the TV commercial again that it was actually Glade and not Bay Fresh. So I guess if we bought Glade, it would work better because Glade is a good brand. This is actually the first time we used Bay Fresh. When we went to another store, we saw Glade there and it is even cheaper than Bay Fresh.

In our experience, Bay Fresh Air Sanitizer with T.E.G. does not work.