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Bbq In A Tool Box

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This Tool Box Grill is perfect for Satay.

I was in charge of bringing Satay to an outing. I used the hosts' grill and I fell in love with it. They insisted that I take it, and now it is mine. Quite a tool box grill love story, huh?

Satay is Southeast Asia's version of the shish kebab. Chicken, Mutton, Shrimp, or other things are put on bamboo skewers and cooked over wood or charcoal. It was invented in Indonesia, but is also very popular in Malaysia, and my native country Singapore. Satay is served with a spicy peanut gravy, cucumber pieces, and usually compressed rice.

This grill is compact, easy to store, and to carry. It has a perfect amount of air draw for Satay. To cook Satay, you use a small hand fan to add oxygen and create heat. The grill needs to be hot, but not extremely hot - you just keep turning the Satay until it looks nice and done. Since this grill lacks bottom or side vents, I am not sure how well it would cook a steak (but I have not tried).

This grill would be great for tailgate parties or taking to the park. The legs and offset of the grill are enough that the heat of the BBQ will not damage the table where it is sitting.

The cooking area of the grill is 9 inches by 18 inches. The outside dimensions are 20" wide by 9" deep by 12" high.

This grill makes very efficient use of its charcoal. It does not require many briquettes and when you are done cooking, the coals can be extinguished (to be used again) by simply closing the lid.

Note: As much as you might love Satay, do not use any charcoal grill inside your house, apartment, or other enclosed structure.