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Be An Outdoor Gourmet With A 30 Qt Turkey Fryer

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We purchased the 30-quart turkey fryer by Outdoor Gourmet last year. The fryer we had been using was not really a fryer and consumed double the oil you really need to fry a turkey. We decided we should really use the tool intended for the job and purchase the 30-quart unit.

Until my husband and I got together, I never tried a fried turkey. If you've never tried one, it's high time to now. Every year I would slave in the kitchen for hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas only to present a marginal meal. The turkey always came out too dry, not quite done, or just mushy. Everyone ate my meals and survived, so I guess all is good.

The first Thanksgiving my husband and I spent together we were new and had only been dating for a few months. I went to his apartment for dinner and could not smell a turkey cooking. It was around 3:00 pm. I had to ask why the turkey wasn't in the oven. He told me he was going to fry it. At this point I was thinking we would be eating something relative to KFC. He pulled out this huge bundle of what looked like camping equipment and went to work. The turkey was done in 45 minutes.

Fried turkey is moist and delicious. If I had only known this little secret, I could have saved myself hours and hours over the years.

The Outdoor Gourmet is specifically designed to fry a turkey in. You get a tall 30-quart aluminum pan, a turkey rack, a lifter, a cooker stand and all you need to hook propane to it.

Frying a turkey is dangerous and should only be done by an adult. Never fry a frozen or partially froze turkey. It must be entirely thawed.

You can use any oil you like. However, peanut oil works the best for high frying temperatures.

Save yourself hours in the kitchen this Thanksgiving and/or Christmas by letting your husband fry the turkey. Go buy the Outdoor Gourmet today!