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Be In Health A More Excellent Way

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A More Excellent Way is a very indepth motivational book by Henry W. Wright. This book is very intense and complex in that it forces you to deal with the root of health issues in your life. It is a spiritual book in that it references the Bible, so you can understand what God says about certain topics.

The author covers everything from allergies to people incapable of walking. Interesting enough, the root of many problems we face in life are all stemmed from stress. Even Doctors will back this up. Stress has such a tramatic impact on our body that we really don't understand how much it controls us. It's in how we handle this stress that's the issue here.

I have a friend who was paralyzed for 11 years - yes, she could not walk at all for that long, nor could you touch her without her bruising or being in pain. She was so upset over the years and also effecting her husband to the point that they both almost gave up on their lives. They were planning on ending their lives when this book came along through the church they had been attending. My friends started reading this book in hopes of finding some kind of answer. In the process of searching, they also got closer to God. Yes, this book does have a lot of Biblical references in how God created us and how we were not created to be in pain. My friend realized that a traumatic event in her past had resulted in so much stress to attack her body that she could no longer walk.

Fast forward to two years ago and that's when we began attending the church we are in now, due to moving to this new location. I met our friends in this church and of course she was already walking and healed. Yes, this book helped my friend realize how much garbage she was holding onto internally and as she started understanding and looking more towards God for healing and answers, she got up one day from her wheelchair and has been walking ever since. Her story was printed in 3 newspapers and she is a huge hugger. She LOVES hugging people because it was something she could not do for that 11 years of her life. Her new outlook on life began to effect her marriage and both she and her husband changed how they looked at life and give all of the credit to God. If it had not been for this book being introduced to them, I am sad to say that my friends would not have been here and I would not have had the pleasure of knowing them.

Now the husband is a Pastor and she is on her way to becoming a nurse so she can help others.

I am not saying that everyone who reads this book will be automatically healed or that this is the only book out there. First and foremost, as a Christian, the Bible is our basis for survival and has the answers. But many times God uses other people to come into our lives, whether through a book or in person and those people can show us things we never even considered. This book helps guide you in where to look at God's word and understand the root of a problem.

This book is very large (526 pages) and also comes with a teaching DVD that is in the back. As far as recorded messages, videos or teachings from Henry Wright go, I think he is quite boring. Nothing against him, but he's not a dynamic speaker. However what he lacks in speaking skills, he makes up for in the wealth of information in this book. It's definitely a great reference guide.

It has workbook areas too that make you really think into what a situation is that may be effecting your life.

There is an alphabetical appendix that tells you where to go in the book for direction. And like I said, it is backed up by Biblical reference. Some of the issues you may come face to face with will really make you sit back and evaluate yourself. After all, it's in the self help category that most of these books cause you to face. But I have seen so many peope, including myself begin to deal with deep rooted issues in a more positive and constructive way. And in my opinion, any book that can attest to helping two people prevent from taking their own lives and live to help others is an impressive recommendation. Again, God gets all of the glory in the end.