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Be Safe With The Safe Side

Reviewing: National Center For Missing And Exploited Children "The Safe Side"  |  Rating:
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One of my biggest passions in life as a mom is the safety of my son. I know all moms, dads and grandparents would agree that a child's well-being is top on their parental list too.

We are always looking out for them and ways to keep them safe. A top priority in that category is insuring the child themselves knows what to be aware of.

In our struggle to keep our children safe and innocent we also need to keep them informed and knowledgeable of how they too can protect themselves and how to handle themselves in all situations.

I never wanted to scare my child though with how grown up some of these issues can be so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a commercial for the "Safe Side" Video.

It is a wacky, out there video with a very important message...Stranger Danger!

I love how this colorful and goofy video can really get the message across that not all strangers are people they should trust. It employs the method of stoplight colors to help the children understand that they need to gage a situation according to its danger element. It covers scenarios for them like the man with the lost puppy, it emphasizes screaming out when they are in a situation that is escalating out of control with phrases like "This is not my mom, this is not my dad."

It helps them to help themselves in the situations that are uncomfortable or potentially dangerous.

It is a godsend. I started my child watching it at 5 years old and he reviews it once every year now. It has embedded in him that he needs a safety buddy at all times within his eyesight and that he goes no where with anyone without checking first.

I know someday I'll have to cut the cord, I already see the need for independence and I can only hope that the avenues I've taken while he young and still cares what I think will remain in his mind and protect him when I can't.

I think every mom; dad and grandparent should purchase the "Safe Side" video and watch it with the ones they love. The cheese factor in the video is high but it is exactly that element that will keep your youngster entertained and watching.