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Beano Tablets Review

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sizwizz By sizwizz on
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Occasionally people will shy away from eating foods that commonly cause... (shhhh!) g-a-s! Yeh, it can be an embarrassment for many of us! Beano is the only 'supplement' sold over-the-counter that seems to have a proven track record for taming the dreaded side effects from foods that cause gas!

Okay...that being said, the only other thing I can think of that would be more embarrassing than gas, is to bust out the bottle of Beano just before your meal and announce that you are trying to control your gas problem. Good way to not get a second date!

Beano does do a fairly good job of keeping those foods from fermenting. If you take the tablets, the directions say to take 2 before each meal. It comes in a bottle of 'drops' too, and I think the directions say to squeeze several drops over the food.

I'd say this supplement is worth a try. Your stomach (and your friends) will thank you!

Update On Mar 07, 2008: ****ON THE SERIOUS SIDE: Beano is made from a natural enzyme. Here's a link to the Mayo Clinic that contains useful information about gas, and the prevention of gas. If you scroll through the article, it will mention Beano as a remedy to the problem.


Update On Mar 18, 2008: I took a look at my previous review, and realized that it sounded more like a commercial for the product, than my experience with it. So I will add that I HAVE used Beano, and I do feel that it does the job it claims to do. I didn't give it high marks on the taste of the tablets, simply because they're yucky and chalky! In fact, it tastes like you're chewing a piece of chalk!! But it works, so I can get past the taste. I think it even works a little after-the-fact, if you get my drift!