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Bear Lions! Bear Tigers! And Ummm Bears! Oh My!

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Image for Bear Lions! Bear Tigers! And ummm Bears! Oh my!

What is up with the green slippers?!?!

Well, the imaginative answer is that this beary snapshot of my favorite traveling five-some (Toto too!) was taken before the wicked witch had a house dropped on her! Yeah, yeah… I know that this happens before she meets up with her companions, but my story sounds much better than copyright issues, doesn’t it? ;-)

While the ruby slippers might be missing from this beary special bearstone, character is most definitely not!

What is different about this piece is that although they used the signature Boyds Bears for the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man, Dorothy is a little girl and Toto is a little dog. I am not sure why they did not dress up their bears to appear like Dorothy and Toto… It doesn’t take away from the piece that they made it this way, but it is certainly curious to me.

On the face of the piece, there is a label on the stand that states ”Boyds Goes to Oz…” The scarecrow, tin man, Dorothy and lion have their arms linkes as they walk on what appears to be a cobblestone walkway. Toto is scampering between the feet of Dorothy and the lion.

As a really cute touch the “hidden” bear paw on this figurine happens to be placed over where the tin mans heart would be. How cute is that?!

On the rear of the bearstone it states, “Won’t the Wizard Be Surprised!!!”

If you are looking to purchase this bearstone, you will need to know what it is called! This Boyd’s bearstone is Style #227807 and is entitled “Dorothy & Company… Off to See the Wizard.”

This piece is a Limited edition piece that was made from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2000.

My bearstone, shown above, was made in May and is May # 5525. I am not sure how many pieces were made each month, but judging just by the number of my piece alone I would imagine that there are quite a few of these out there.

The sweet quote on this bearstone is “Heart, mind, courage plus a good pair of shoes… all lead us home.” - Unknown

Handmade in China.