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Bear Paw Sheepskin Lined Boots

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I am originally from a very warm island in the Pacific, but moved to Northern CA about 8 years ago. Since I am used to hot weather and have never really got used to the cold, I find that I bundle up during the year much more than the average Northern CA native. Now this doesn't mean I am an expert on winter boots and outdoor gear, however, I can claim that I am an expert in all things WARM and all I can say is BearPaw Shearling Sheepskin Lined boots are the warmest boots I have worn yet!!

I have tried several other boots that are similar in style and function, only to find that they are lacking one of the two features -- one pair looked really hot, but didn't keep me warm, and vice-versa. After chatting with my mom about this, she decided to send me an early Christmas present -- My very first pair of BearPaw Boots. I put them on two weeks ago and have not worn any other shoes since. The are extremely lightweight, durable (so far), and super warm. I have the 10-inch boots which reach the middle of my calf. This is a perfect height for me, but they do come in 6-in and 8-in if a shorter height is your preference. The shearling sheepskin lining is unbelievably soft and the soles feel like you're walking on the softest down comforter ever. I also want to point out is that after hours of walking in them, I noticed that my white socks did not turn black or gray from the boot's dye. This is a common flaw with most suede boots, more so with those that are dyed a darker color or do not have complete, seamless lining throughout the inside. The BearPaw shearling sheepskin lining is a darker gray color, however there's no need to worry about dye transfer - I have yet to see any traces on my socks. What I like the most about the warmth these boots provide is that they don't make your feet sweat. Your feet stay nice and toasty yet they can still "breathe" even after walking around for hours.

Another important feature is the excellent traction of the soles. I tend to be a bit clumsy and slippery soles are not the best thing for me. I slipped once in a similar pair of boots that had horrible traction and it was not fun. The BearPaw boots are non-slippery, even on wet, mossy ground. I have the flat sole boots, but they also come in a lug sole version which provide even better traction due to a thicker sole, like hiking boots. Also note that there is a color difference between the two sole styles: the flat sole style is one color (the sole is the same color as the boot), whereas the lug style has a beige sole no matter what the color of the boot is. This is not really important to me, however, it can be a deciding factor for some people so I thought I'd point that out. :)

Now these awesome boots come in an array of colors, and fortunately my mom gave me the boots in Black. Since they are suede, I highly suggest that you put some type of protective spray or weather-proof sealant on them before wearing in the rain/snow. I wore mine in mildly wet weather for almost a week before applying protective spray and they looked as new as they did the first time I wore them. So don't worry if you don't protect them right out of the box, but try to remember that suede lasts much longer when protected. :)

These were a gift, and I wouldn't normally ask my mom how much she paid, but when I told her how much I loved them, she let me know that they were around $55.00 for my pair. I think that is a very reasonable price, especially for suede boots -- my suggestion is to go get a pair as a gift for a loved one, or even for yourself! You will not be disappointed!!

Update On Dec 21, 2008: CORRECTION! I mistakenly stated in my review that the lug sole version only came with beige soles. I was just out doing some last minute holiday shopping and noticed that the lug sole boots are also one-color....so the sole does match the color of the boot!! This can be a hard feature to find when shopping for this type of boot! So if style is your main concern and you are in search for a pair of one-color suede boots, I highly recommend these BearPaw Boots.