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Beautiful Brunettes!

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I've done a lot of hair coloring in my lifetime! I work in a beauty salon, so you'd think this would be an easy place to get your hair done! In reality, it's hard to find a co-worker to fit me into their schedule. After all, why should they forgo a paying customer for a freebie?

Sally Beauty Supply isn't where I normally buy my hair color. For products in the salon, (and for my own personal use), I do business at supply stores that only sell to licensed stylists. In a way, we don't view Sally's on the same level as the other supply stores, because Sally's sells to the "public". (Snobby, isn't it?) But my opinion about Sally's has changed.

On a quick trip to grab some things for the salon, I also needed to buy color to touch up my hair. All of the supply stores carry different lines of product, so if I have a big list, I have to run all over town to get everything I need. This time, I was in a hurry, and it was raining, and I was tired of jumping in and out of my car. Here I was at Sally's, so I checked out their hair color, and decided to give the Ion 'Color Brilliance' a try. The color I chose was, Dark Golden Brown.

When I got home, I mixed it up and applied it to my regrowth. My natural hair color is a very dark brown, but now that I'm 55 those white hairs on creeping in! I didn't read the instructions, but it comes with directions for those who need them. Depending on the color choice, it's usually mixed with 20 volume peroxide, and processes 20-40 minutes. I leave my color on the roots for 30 minutes, then mix the remaining color with shampoo and bring it through the rest of my hair. That stays on for 5-10 minutes. This refreshes the (old) color without drying the hair out. Following the color, I apply Alphaparf Essential Oil to add shine. (See my review on this product.) However, the Ion Color Brilliance leaves the hair shiny without the essential oil.

After I styled my hair, I loved how the color looked! It gave my hair more warmth than it normally has. Of course, that's because I chose a warm color. Even when I had "virgin" hair, I had dark auburn tones. With the Ion color these tones 'pop' under bright lights, or sunlight. Otherwise, in normal light, it's a warm dark brown. You should choose an ash tone if you need to cut red or gold tones.

I color my hair every 3 weeks. That's a lot of coloring, so conditioning is a must!

One of my co-workers ask me what color I was using on my hair because she wanted 'my' color. When I told her, she feigned horror when she found out I was using a hair color from Sally's! (snobby, snobby, snobby...) But I'll bet she stopped there on her way home from work, and grabbed a bottle of Color Brilliance!

Update On Apr 14, 2008: Oops! I see a typo in my last paragraph! It should read, "One of my co-workers asked me what color I was using on my hair..." not ask! In my editing, I forgot to change the word! Duh!