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Beautiful Heavenly Crystal Angel

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strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I am a huge collector of Angels, I love all things angelic, my family knows this, so every year for birthdays and Christmases or if they see something they know i will love, they get them for me as gifts. I love recieving angels for gifts, thses are things i charish, and it means so much to me to recieve them from the people i care about in my life!

One of the most beautiful Angels i had recieved this year for Chistmas was from my parents. I seen this Angel in the gift shop a few days before Christmas while i was doing my last minute gift shopping, i was going to buy the figurine for myself when i had noticed one of the wings was broken, so i went up to the clerk and asked if they had anymore of these Angels in the back stockroom, of course the girl said no that was the last one, but she would give me a discount on it if i wanted to purchase the broken winged one. I decided i didnt want to buy it, it may sound silly but it felt like bad luck or just like something not right to buy an Angel with a broken wing. So sadly i put the Angel back on the shelf and went on my way. All through the rest of the few days before Christmas Day i couldnt stop thinking about that Angel and how beautiful it was.

Christmas Day with my parents my mom hands me a specially wrapped package and tells me to save it till last, so i think wow it must be something amazing, something i always wanted or really need! Finally i get to that special gift and tear it open like a little child, big smile on my face that grew even bigger once i saw what was in my hands, THE BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL ANGEL!! My mom had no idea that i had been to the same store a few days before, nor did she know how much i really fell in love with this particular Angel. But as all mothers know their daughters better than anyone else, as soon as she had seen this Angel she knew i would absolutely love it! And she was in the same store i was only a few hours before me and bought the one Angel that wasnt broken!!

I am not going to post a photo of this Angel, as i have taken pictures and they just dont do it justice. The Angel's body from the head to the end of her long flowing dress is made of clear crystal, that shines like ice, absolutely beautiful, she is so gorgeous! And her wings are made of silver accentuates the crystal, it all works together and she totally shines in any light!! She truelly looks Heavenly!! This is by far my favorite Angel in my collection, and i will charish it for the rest of my life!!