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Beautiful; My Favorite Genre

Reviewing: Barbara Hazard Lady Lochinvar  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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Lady Lochinvar is a story about a young girl named Catherine with cat-like green eyes and vibrant red hair who falls in love at first sight in winter of her twelfth year with her cousin Lionel. Even though her love is considered childish and all but an infatuation, Catherine continues to persue her love who won't turn her way. Just as she thinks she's about to capture his heart after waiting for four years, Lionel comes back to England engaged to a girl from the Americas. What is Catherine to do when her one and only love won't love her back? What will become of her now that her heart is broken?

I came across this book when I was searching for a romance book with unrequited love. It really lives up to the genre. Even though it is short, it has substance. It goes through the relationship between Catherine and Lionel instead of rushing through it and going straight to the engagement. Barbara Hazard wrote so much about their relationship, my heart broke apart when I found out that Lionel had gotten engaged instead of waiting for Catherine as she had asked him to.

If you love unrequited romance, I'd suggest this book. It's a lovely romance starring a young prepubescent girl that will snag your heart and pull on the strings!

Thank you for reading my review. ^-^