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Beauty And The Beast On Dvd

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This is another Disney Classic for me. Of couse if you've read about me then you know that I'm a huge Disney fan. But that doesn't mean that I like every Disney movie. Because I don't. Just the good ones! : )

I have the Platinum Edition, Special Edition and it has a ton of extras on it like the remake and the new song, 'We'll Be Human Again.' It's also has two discs, but honeslty I haven't even watched everything on the second dvd.

The idea of the movie is there is a man who likes to invent things and the towns people think he's a little wierd. And his daughter is Belle, aka Beauty. She loves to read and imagine and dream, which the people of the town also think is strange and something happends to lead her to the Beast...

I love the music from this movie and really, everything about it. This is an ultimate favorite of mine. My husband and I like to tease each other and call the 'beast' so the other person has to be beauty. And then the beast for the day goes around growling and it's sort of a game. We used to do it a ton and we still do on occasion. Even our bedroom is mostly themed from this movie. I just love it. We have all of the cd's for this movie and I know the movie by heart. I just can't say enough good things about this movie.