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Become Extraordinary!

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John Bevere just launched a new book and Christian college course called, "Extraordinary". This book is available in hardcover and retails for $22.00 but our college only charged $20.00. I should say it isn't just for college, as churches and other ministries are teaching it too.

The course consisted of a DVD teaching by John Bevere himself and went into detail on how we, as children of God can and should be taking our place in becoming the Extraordinary people we were created to be. It is a complex book and study, but as long as you keep an open mind and give yourself credit for who you are, it will be life altering.

I'd say this book and study goes deeper into our "purpose" on earth and shows us how to tap into what God gave to us and how we can take dominion over everything around us. For example, he talks about God giving us grace freely and to think of it as we would the water company and our faucet. We go to the faucet, turn the knob and expect the water to just come flowing out. We don't stand there and say, "Oh please, water company, send me some water today!" No, we turn the knob. Mr. Bevere says that we should think of God's grace this same way. It's already there. We just need to realize that and tap into it.

I rated the effectiveness at a level 4 because this teaching will only be as effective to the person who allows what is taught to be absorbed into their thinking.

Of course this book also goes further into detail on us really understanding Who God is. Everything is backed up by constant reference to the Bible scriptures.

The picture I took of the inside jacket touches on us bringing forth our hidden potential in order to accomplish remarkable feats and live an exceptional life, because each of us is Extraordinary in God's eyes.

Definitely a book that you can read several times and always pick up something new to change your life.