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Beech Nut Biter Biscuits

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jayjay1113 By jayjay1113 on
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Beech Nut has new line of fodds for babies and toddlers called 'Let's Grow!'. I had an opportunity to have my son sample their Biter Biscuits. While their product is good, my son did not like these biscuits.

What's in Biter Biscuits? Well they are made with whole grains, have no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or added salt. Beech Nut has a 'No Junk Promise' which means that their products a free from additivies. Each biscuit is only 40 calories. They are finger-shaped with rounded ends and wavy sides.The packaging is bright and colourful! There is an aligator (I think) on the front with two Biter Biscuits for lips. Very cute!

Well my son like to stuff food into his mouth (he's only 2, I thought he'd learn this 'man trait' when he got older!). Well he tried stuffing his Biter Biscuit into his mouth whole and choked himself as he didn't have enough saliva to soften the biscuit before swallowing. Thank goodness I was there and he coughed up the piece he choked on. Who says babies/toddlers have short memories? For the life of me I cannot get him to eat this biscuit. It is no fault of Beech Nut but I think my toddler remebers he almost choked to death so he throws a fit yelling 'Noooooo!" every time I pull these out of the pantry.

Overall I think these are great biscuits but my toddler has a great memory and will not eat these anymore! Go to www.lets-grow.ca for more information about this and other Beech Nut Let's Grow products.