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Beech Nut Yogurt Nibbles

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My husband's aunt got these for our little girl because her grand daughter really liked them. Overall, these have good nutritional value for snacks and taste really good, but I don't think they are appropriate for the age they have listed on the bag.

The bag says they are good for 12 month and up toddlers, but I would not give them to my little girl as they are. She was about 10 months old when we received these and I broke them up into 4 small pieces before I let her grab for them. I decided not to give them to her for a while after that because it was so tedious to break them all up. When she was 12 months I tried to give them to her again, but whole. She ate a few without a problem and then started to choke on one. I ended up breaking the rest of the bag in half before I gave them to her.

The problem with this snack is that they have a somewhat hard outside shell that is made up of yogurt. Inside, they are made up of puffy rice. While the inside is quickly dissolvable in the mouth, the outside takes a little while to dissolve. Well, kids don't really want to wait for their snack to dissolve! When I broke them into pieces the puffy part was exposed and helped them to dissolve faster.

Overall, I did like these snacks and will buy them again when my little girl gets older. Once she has some more teeth and can crunch them easily I will feel more comfortable giving them to her.