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Beet The Vandel Buster The Sacrifice Dvd

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The world used to be a peaceful place. That is, until the evil vandels found their way to Earth. Now, humans live in constant fear as these vicious demons ravage the world. Fortunately, a group of warriors known as vandel busters have risen up to combat the forces of darkness. Now, both vandels and busters make a game out of destroying one another. After watching his heroes, The Zenon Warriors, fall in battle, young boy Beet is determined to put an end to the vandels once and for all and save the world.

The first (and what seems to be only) release of the series gives us the first four episodes, from Beet's introduction to the beginning of his journey to save the world. The series isn't anything particularly special, but the idea of humans and monsters destroying each other as a type of game is certainly an interesting twist on the usual "good vs. evil" stories.

Special features, if you can call them that, include the original Japanese opening and ending with the Japanese kanji included. Chances are only a hardcore Japanese fan will really care, as you can watch the opening and ending without the text, and it really doesn't add much.

The series is pretty enjoyable for what it is, but seeing as future DVDs have been discontinued, it may be a wise move to simply skip this release and pick up the manga instead.