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Before Twilight Series

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strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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If you have read the Twilight Series of books you may like the Night World series of Vampire books. I had no idea that these books were published in 1996 until I did a little research, I thought this author was lame to be stealing ideas and names etc from the Twilight series, but now I realize that the Twilight series were actually stealing from The Night World series as this series was written and published long before Stephanie Mayer published Twilight! Names of vampires are exactly like in Twilight, one of the main character vampire in The Night World's name is James, he is best friends with a school girl named Poppy and he falls in love with her, James' parents are wealthy vampires, his dad is a doctor, notice the similarities here? James and the other vampires are enemies with the werewolves............... Poppy becomes a vampire because she is dying with cancer so James turns her, she has to leave her family to go live in the Night World...............Another vampire comes to town and falls in love with Poppy, causing a rivalry with James...................

The story is almost exactly the same as Twilight. I don't know if Stephanie Meyer actully took her ideas from this series for her own, but because the Night Worls series was published many years before, and the two have very similar characters and the same names of the characters etc... I think maybe she had, you decide for yourself!