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Behr Ceiling Paint Low Drip, Smooth, Bright

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I like everything about the Behr Ceiling Paint. I have used it on various surfaces with both a brush and a roller, and it performed well in every case.

In the apartment that I recently painted there were both plaster ceilings, and three rooms that had been fitted with lowered panel ceilings. Of these three, each had a different kind of surface. One was smooth, one of medium texture, and one had high-textured tiles. Each of these had to be painted with a brush because the roller wouldn’t apply paint smoothly over the metal channels.

The Behr Ceiling Paint worked well on every one of these surfaces. It is a bright white with a matte finish. It is formulated to be thick enough that it drips very little. We didn’t have to be careful about the floors that were going to be carpeted so it was easy to see after painting the ceilings how much dripping had occurred. I can’t say that I never dripped, but there really wasn’t much at all.

It covered very nicely with one coat, and flowed on smoothly, drying quickly to a smooth, non-glossy finish that doesn’t have any shine to it at all.

The only thing that was difficult about it was that it was hard to tell as I was painting that I had completely covered the primer. After the ceilings had dried you could see the occasional spot where the primer wasn’t covered. The primer wasn’t shiny at all, but compared to the absolute matte finish of the ceiling paint you could see shiny spots where it wasn’t covered. Those spots had to be touched up, of course.

I can’t say much about its durability or washability as the paint was applied too recently for me to know these answers, so I rated these at a 4.

This sells at Home Depot for $21.98 for a 2 gallon pail.