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Behringer 69 Tweakalizer

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By the_teacher on
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The Behringer DFX69 Tweakalizer is a piece of equipment for DJ's to help remix their music. Its also my first foray into the world of remixing. It includes a jog wheel used for 4 effects: scratch, filter, flange and delay and a BPM tap switch to match the effects to the music. The Tweakalizer also comes with a sampler, pitch control and EQ switches and nobs to adjust the different levels of sound on the track.

It was really hard finding reviews for this piece of equipment. I saw a few videos on youtube and read some very short reviews. It really looked decent, however Behringer is known for having its equipment breakdown. I bought it anyway. When I got it home from the store and plugged it in, I noticed right away there was no on/off button. The only way to turn this thing off is to unplug it which, for the setup I have at home, is a real pain in the neck. The second thing that happened right away was the EQ HIGH Cut switch light went out and never cameback on. Trying to set it up was also a pain considering the only cable it came with was the power cable. Luckily I found all the cables I needed at the local dollar store. Even with all its shortcomings the Behringer is a neat piece of equipment and it lets you adjust the speed of the music on the fly and create samples of different lengths, the longest being about 10 seconds. There is a reverse button for the sample you've created and you can add any of the effects listed to the sample. Also you can add any of the features to your mix on the fly so everything the Tweakalizer offers is accessible at any time.

I have mixed feelings about this piece. On the one hand its alot of fun to play with but on the other, my light broke after 10 minutes of use and adjusting the EQ's without it is a little challenging. $140 dollars is steep for a piece of equipment that is laregely un-reliable. If you can get it for 50 or 60 dollars then you are probably getting more of a deal but a word of caution, I wouldn't buy this thing used if key features are known to break within the first few minutes.