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Behringer Us600 Ultra Shifter Harmonist

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I This thing is pretty simple if you’ve got a basic understanding of music theory. Otherwise, if you still want this pedal, you should Google “music theory”. That’s how I learned it. It features stereo ouput, mono input, and an input for an expression pedal. There are five knobs: D. Time/Speed, HR Key, Pitch, Balance, and Mode. D. Time/Speed controls either the delay time for chorus or time it takes for the tremolo bar to activate. HR Key controls the key you are in when using the intelligent harmonist function. Pitch controls at which interval you want the effect to shift your pitch, or it controls the depth of the chorus. Balance controls how much of the generated signal is mixed with the input signal. Mode offers a flutter function, tremolo bar, Detuned chorus effect, harmonist function, and a pitch shifter. Flutter mode makes a vibrato effect; tremolo bar acts as a whammy bar for the guitar, and can either shift up or down, and you can adjust how fast; Detune makes a chorus effect; Harmonist can play other parts of a solo for you depending on the pitch you shift and depending on your key; Pitch shifter changes all notes at the same interval regardless of key, which can be used to down tune your guitar by only turning on this pedal.

I got this stomp box for very cheap, only about 40 bucks which is a steal. In fact almost all of Behringer products are at a very low price. I had been researching this thing for awhile now and even though the enclosure is made out of plastic, I thought it would still be good for home use. When I got, I plugged it in, and started playing with the knobs. On certain setting, it makes your guitar signal sound very digital and unnatural. The only settings that I don’t mind are the detuned chorus effect, the pitch shifter is okay as long as you don’t set the interval too high, and the tremolo bar is only mediocre. The flutter function is pretty much useless, because it makes these very unnatural vibrato effect which is horrible, and the pitch shifter only allows certain. The harmonist can handle chords and makes really weird tracking noises when used sometimes. Also, whenever you engage the pedal, there is a click coming from your amp which is annoying. Also, thing thing introduces a lot of hum when in your effects chain.

All in all, this is a very cheap pedal with cheap sounds, but you get what you pay for, I paid $40 and you can still find them at lower prices on Ebay. I could have saved up some money to buy a real chorus pedal, which is the only half decent sound i get out of this thing.