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Belkin Ergonomic Laptop Desk

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I frequently use my laptop in my bedroom. I was using a perfect sized box to set it on but it was getting ragged. My thoughtful boyfriend picked up the Belkin Cushtop for me for Christmas.

I immediately loved the look of the Cushtop. It almost looks like a mini piece of furniture with the brown micro fiber covering. This covering is part of a unique design as this laptop desk is made to breath, keeping your laptop and your lap cool. In many cases the Cushtop should eliminate the need for an additional cooling pad. Since the Cushtop does not requite batteries or plugging in, it is ultra portable and a bit on the green side.

Cool, huh?

But wait! There’s more!

One side of the Cushtop is designed for the 15” and under laptops and the other side is wider to accommodate 17” laptops. If you look at the photos, I took them from both sides so that you can see the difference in the surface space from one side to another.

Also look to see that the Cushtop is at an angle. While I suspect that many people place the Cushtop so that the higher end is in the back, I find it more comfortable to type with it angled downward, with the lower part in the back of my laptop. The surface of the Cushtop holds my laptop securely in place so there is no sliding at all, regardless of the angle chosen.

Next, you will see a couple of photos that show my power cord and power pack peeking out of the opening in the Cushtop. This ergonomic desk is designed for just this use. The opening goes from small to large so that you can also squeeze in a mouse, if you use a separate mouse, so that the power pack and mouse can be kept right where you always know they are. This also helps to keep cords out of the way where tangles and accidents can happen.

The Belkin Cushtop has a limited lifetime warranty and is made in the USA and/or imported (I know very helpful on the country of origin! I had to look it up as it is not on the permanent tag and this is the info that I found.)

Update On Sep 19, 2008: I have recently found this Belkin Cushtop to be absolutely perfect for using with my wireless keyboard and mouse! It gives me the perfect size work surface so that I can comfortably operate my new iMac...

I am just so happy with this item!

I can actually slip my keyboard and mouse inside the storage slot to keep it cozy and dust free.

Very cool! ;-)