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Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad Is Worthwhile Investment

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I'm not the most computer savvy person you'll meet. There so much I don't know or understand. But I'm learning.

A few months ago, I came across a review for a laptop cooling fan. A what?? I'd never heard of this, though I own a laptop. I immediately thought it was another product that we are made to feel that we need, when we really don't. Once I read more about it, the idea intrigued me and I did some research.

When I use the laptop, I sit on the couch and it sits on my thighs. I was aware that it sometimes felt a bit too warm against my legs, especially when wearing shorts. The more I thought back, the more I remembered this negative feature of the laptop. I decided that a cooling fan might be a good idea, both for the laptop and my thighs.

While researching this item, I learned that an overheated laptop is not a happy one. It may not last as long or work as well. Could this be part of the reason the last one died when it wasn't really old and didn't get heavy use? The possibility made me realize that it was worth trying a cooling fan on the new model.

While passing through the electronics section in Walmart, I noticed a display of cooling fans. Not knowing which one was best, I looked them all over. Some had one fan while others had two. I wasn't sure if it really made much difference. When I spotted one with the Cnet recommendation, I decided that was the one to try.

The fan base has a curved shape which is called a "wave design" so that you have the support on the outside edges to hold your laptop in place, while the center dips down. The center is where the fan is located, so it has room to circulate the air up to the laptop. It's a very simple, yet smart idea.

The cooling fan is USB powered and comes on as soon as I turn on the computer. There are no batteries or adaptors to deal with. The sound level is very minimal. You can hear it if you are listening for it, but it is not noisy or distracting. I can feel a breeze when I put my hands on the sides, so I can feel it working.

Dimensions are 12.6 x 11.6 x 1 inches, which is smaller than my 17" laptop. I did not see the measurements anywhere on the package when I bought the cooler and I suspected it was smaller than I needed, but it works fine as it is. The weight is just 22 ounces, so I don't even notice it. Having this underneath the laptop also raises it up to a more comfortable level for me.

Belkin gives this a life-time warranty and I give it my own personal seal of approval.

Update On May 06, 2010: This cooling pad has been excellent product. I saw it advertised on Walmart's website and the price is lower now than what I paid. Here's the link: