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Belkin Wireless N Router: Perfection!

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benjamin clifford By benjamin clifford on
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Here is the Belkin N+ wireless router. This is a full N spec product, not draft N. I upgraded to this from a linksys wrt54g wireless router provided to me free when i began using DSL. I can say that while that router was free, this one was well worth the $120 price tag.

I will begin with the setup, which is so important to most users since we dont all manage wireless networks in our spare time. The Belkin was extremely easy to install and setup, using the now standard cd setup utility. All you do is insert the cd give it a few essential pieces of information and you are good to go. The router also includes a web interface which can be used for manual setup and also later adjustments. I can say that both of these devices are easier to operate than their linksys counterparts.

Now performance. I was expecting the change to be noticeable mostly on N spec products. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find the improvement of your wireless g products as well. I live in a large house including plenty of stone. My linksys router used to cover about half of the home, and especially have trouble going through stone walls. Using the Belkin iIhave experienced full coverage of my entire house, and excellent speeds throughout. And that is with wireless g products! using a wireless N laptop i have seen outstanding range that I think would astonish anyone used to wirless G.

The router is not cheap at $120, but it is worth every penny. This is the full step up from wireless g and even draft N. The router is easy to setup and use, and I have not had any of the seemingly random issues i saw with linksys. (that router seemed to have extreme difficulty assigning IP addresses and I ran into IP adress conflicts frequently) Moreover the performace is outstanding. I was turned into this router by the review at cnet. Check it out. The router can now be had for as little as $80 as well.