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Bell U Lock Didn't Keep My Bike From Getting Taken

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dave By dave on
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I was ready and prepared to give a good review to my Bell brand bicycle U-Lock tonight... except this was also the night my bike got jacked.


I felt confident that the Bell U-Lock would provide adequate locking power to me. It is a better choice than a cable lock, hands down, and it was fairly inexpensive. It also has a good locking mechanism that wouldn't budge from the times I had pulled on it to ensure it was on securely.

What I didn't know is that even with a special lock key, apparently this kind of lock could easily be picked. Massive bummer!

Again, this is supposed to be better than a cable lock, but I guess even a lock like this can be manipulated to unlock. The tricky thing is they re-locked the lock after they unhooked it to steal my bike.

I felt more secure before this incident happened, and I am not sure what to tell you about this kind of bike lock for the future.

However, the pluses for this bike lock are that the average criminal can't get through it with a metal cutter or cable cutter. I guess, though, it still didn't get the job done. That's why I need to give a negative outlook on buying this kind of lock.

However, I suppose this is the best you can get, and some municipalities will hand them out for free to you. If you have nothing to lock your bike with or are on a budget, it's better than nothing.

However, I am surprised and impressed it did not do its job correctly. Demerits reflected in the scores I've handed out.