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Bell Visor Super Shield Worth The Price

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Despite the hefty price tag for this little piece of plastic, it is well worth it for those who must drive when the sun is low.

My husband has an early morning paper route, and anyone who must drive into that low sun at either end of the day knows how annoying, and even dangerous, it can be. He also has very sensitive eyes, and wears very dark sunglasses. But sunglasses aren’t very practical when he also has to do record keeping between almost every delivery. So he went to see what he could find to give more sun protection in the car.

He looked at a couple of kinds that clipped on the car visor, but wouldn’t fold up, and knew he didn’t want that. But when he saw the price tag on this one, he also had doubts. It seemed like almost $20 was a lot of money for a little piece of colored plastic.

But he knew he needed something, so he bought it, and is very glad that he did. Simply clip the extra visor on the car visor. It can be folded up flat behind the car visor, or flipped down in any position. This ability to have it hold in any position may get loose over time, but for now it works fine.

The color is a smoky gray, but it’s not too dark. Even so, there is a warning on the package to not drive while looking through the shade (I guess you are just supposed to look below it while it shades the sun). The size is 4" x 13 “, just slightly smaller than the visor in a small car. The plastic seems quite durable, not thin and cheap.

Overall, he is very happy with this sun visor, and feels safer driving in the mornings.