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Bella Loves Her Air Kong Dumbbell

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A couple days ago my boyfriend and I took my dog to Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. It is the part of New Smyrna Beach where people can bring their dogs to enjoy the water along with them. While we were there we met a couple of other dogs and their owners and they showed Bella one of their toys. It was the Air Kong Dumbbell. Let me tell you, Bella absolutely loved it! After one of us threw the dumbbell into the water Bella would be the first to swim into the water to get it and then she would run off and try to keep it for herself!

The Air Kong Dumbbell is made out of tennis ball material and is the bright yellow tennis ball color. It also has a squeaker inside for added enjoyment! The dumbbell also floated on top of the water so it was easy for the dogs to find and play with.

Seeing how much fun Bella had with the toy at the beach I knew she needed to have one of her very own. That way the next time she went she wouldn't have to steal another dog's. I knew I had seen these toys around before, and I managed to find it in Target today when I was shopping there.

I brought it home and I swear she is so smart, she knew I had something in my shopping bags for her. When she saw me pull it out she danced all around the kitchen waiting for me to give it to her. When I finally did she went crazy and ran all over my apartment with it. Sadly, within the first half hour of her having it she managed to puncture a hole in it with her teeth, thus bringing an end to the squeakers' life.

Even though the toy doesn't squeak anymore she still loves it just the same. I have a hard time finding the right kind of toys for her as she chews through A LOT of things. I have had great success with tennis ball and KONG material though.

I checked online and Air Kong makes quite a few types of dog toys including a football, jack, donut, tug of war, bone, and balls. They also come in a wide variety of sizes. I think they are very reasonable priced as well! If Bella could type she would say "Woof woof woof I love my Air Kong woof woof woof!"