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Bella Makes A Great Deep Fryer

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I hadn't used a deep fryer in years. With the trend to healthier foods I think I threw mine out about 5 years ago. It wasn't really a problem until recently when my husband asked if I would make him Scotch Eggs out of the blue. It's something I used to make for Sunday breakfast all the time years ago and now he had a hankering for them!!

I said sure, but honey, I threw out the deep fryer. It was a Sunday morning and he was reading the paper intently looking at all the ads, something he rarely does unless it has to do with computers. All of a sudden he says hurry and get dressed, we're going to Kohls. It seems they had a deep fryer on sale half price (how convenient!).

We came home with the Bella Kitchen 1.2 Qt. Deep Fryer and had the Scotch Eggs for dinner. This deep fryer was regularly $39.99 and on sale for half price at $19.99. I wasn't sure if I would really like that it did not have a removable frying section. Not to worry, I would pass the cleaning duty on to hubby!

**This deep fryer is a convenient size (about the size of a toaster) and I can store it in my pantry so that was a plus. The exterior is a brushed stainless steel which is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and then shined up with a little Windex for a streak free finish.

**The interior has a non-stick coating which makes it great for cooking but also cleanup.

**I really like that it has a lid while you are frying to prevent grease splatters. My old one only had a plastic cover for storage. The lid also has a viewing window so you can check your food without taking the cover off. I found this useless as it seems to steam up and you can't see through it. There are 2 slots in the lid for your basket handles while your are frying.

**This fryer has a 1000-watt heating element which makes the oil heat up in no time. There is a front temperature control dial which lets you set the temperature from 270 to 370 degrees. When the oil is at temperature there is an indicator light which turns off. I've only used the highest setting so far and it fries beautifully.

**The fryer basket works great but just make sure you have the removable handle installed properly or you might drop the frying basket into the HOT oil like I did the first time around! The basket and handle are dishwasher safe which really helps.

**The handles on this fryer stay cool to the touch when frying. I haven't tried touching the exterior of the fryer itself but the instructions do say it remains cool. The short electrical cord has a polarized plug and the connection to the fryer itself is magnetized so it disconnects quickly for safety reasons.

I've been really happy with this Bella deep fryer and we've had Scotch eggs every Sunday since we bought it. I guess we're not returning it as hubby threw the box out recently. We do have a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty but for $19.99 I thought we got a great deep fryer and would buy this brand again.