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Bender Ball

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ninzor By ninzor on
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I had seen several advertisement for the Bender Ball on television and finally decided I was going to buy it. I went to benderball.com and went to order it I was hassled by several different offers for this magic diet pill or this super workout video but declined them all and just ordered the bender ball or so I thought. I received the bender ball a few weeks later and was shocked at how tiny it was. The bender ball is smaller than a volleyball and comes with a straw to blow it up. I could have went to wal-mart and bought the same ball for $1and it would already be inflated. To make matters worse in my package I found a piece of paper stating that I was enrolled in their monthly shipments of crap for around $30 a month. I had to email one of their customer service representatives to end that. After doing that I tried the bender ball. I found myself having to reinflate it often and the ball slipping away from me. The bender ball isn't as magic as it looks on television. I think old fashion situps or crunches work better than the bender ball. So i haven't use it since the first time I did. i thought I was done with this waste of money but I began to get 3 or 4 calls a day on my cell phone from different telemarketing companies that had my credit card information. I refused to answer them but I did some research online and found out that benderball.com sells personal cell phone numbers. The calls went on for months. It was so bad that I got a number cell phone number. I couldn't not believe that they gave away my cell phone number and my credit card information. The bender ball is one big fraud to take personal information. Please don't fall for it!