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Beneful For Finicky Russels

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Our little lady is one finicky Jack Russel. We had a bit of a time finding a food that she would actually eat. We tried Iams, Science, Ukenuba, Kibbles n Bits - you name it, we'd gone through the gamut. We didn't want to purchase dog food that had a lot of fillers in it and we wanted something that was flavorful enough to entice her to eat on a regular basis. We "free" feed our animals - meaning we fill their bowls in the morning and they have access to food and water through out the day.

Our Jack would walk up to her dish, sniff then walk away and she did this for almost every food that we purchased. We've given away more bags of dog food after discovering we'd not yet hit on just the right one for our little Miss Prissy. Then one day a sample of dog food came in the mail along with a Cents off coupon. Out of desperation I opened the bag and placed the food in her dish. She walked over, sniffed and then - she began wolfing the food down. She loved it!

The product was Purina Beneful - Salmon flavor. That was over 4 years ago and this has been her food of choice - literally, since. We've tried the Beneful vegetable but she doesn't seem to like it as well as she does the Salmon and the Chicken.

This dog food is very affordable - I can often find it for under $4 a bag ranging up to $7 depending upon where I pick it up. We buy only the 1.8kg bag which lasts our lady a good month as she simply nibbles through out the day.

This food includes vegetables and lots of good nutrients. The salmon flavor is specifically developed to promote a healthy coat as well as a healthy dog and this one is her favorite despite the fact she is a short hair dog whose coat never looks shiny due to her coloring but while on this she definitely didn't shed nearly as much.

Her next favorite is Chicken and there is now a new one out called Healthy Harvest with Soy that I think we'll try soon.

Although our lady is a real spoiled pup and is finicky in many ways, she definitely isn't costly in the food category - except if you count in there her favorite treats. We'll continue to feed her Beneful for as long as she's willing to eat it because she's been a happy, healthy and very fun loving dog since being on it.