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Benjamin Button

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This is a film that I have been looking forward to watching and I finally managed to get around to buying the DVD.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button a film with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button, a baby born in an old mans body and get younger as the days go on instead of older. Both Pitt and Blanchett play the roles really well, I cannot think of anyone more suited to the roles.

This is a love story that you will enjoy from start to finish and shows that when you love someone you have to do what is best which is not necessarily the thing that you want to do, the only downfall to this film is that at just over two and a half hours it is a lengthly film to watch.

I feel in parts it tries to go into too much detail and this in turn is not needed as i felt myself getting a little restless in places, I managed to watch it all as it started to speed up again and captures you into the story once again.

The advantages of this film that it was a very detailed film and left you without any unanswered questions as some films do. The disadvantage to this film was that the ending was a little predictable, which slightly spoilt it for me.

I will now have to read the book to see which version I perfer.