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Beowulf The Unrated Directors Cut

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I rented the movie Beowulf, not knowing much about it at all. I have a Blockbuster online account that I often just throw interesting looking movies onto my list or different looking movies that contain actors that I enjoy watching.

For me I was interested in seeing what Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins would do in their roles. I had no idea that Angelina’s screen time was summed up in less than 5 minutes, total. That was a disappointment. Anthony Hopkins role was also not as long as I hoped and a pretty odd role for him, I thought.

Unfortunately that was not where the disappointment started, or ended.


While it may be because I rented the unrated version, the story opens in what could be described as a drunken sex party. Even if the writers and directors somehow could have seen back in time and known that this type of thing happened back in that time it added nothing to the movie and definitely took away from it.

Throughout the movie some characters seemed to have a hard time keeping on their clothes and when they decided to do this did not always make sense. It was more than a little odd.

The language was also untimely lewd in inappropriate places. This also took away from the movie.

The sexual tone of the movie really ruined the entire story line, which was choppy and hard to follow.

I will say that the CGI was spectacular. The images, shadowing and colors were done very well and if coupled with a well written storyline this could have been an amazing movie.

I would recommend a pass on this one. If you just have to see it, keep the little ones away and do take a quick peek at the opening scene before deciding whether or not to allow your older ones to view this movie.