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Best Bargain Lawn Mower Ever

Reviewing: Yard Machines 21 In., 158 Cc 2 In 1 Push Mower  |  Rating:
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Ever since we moved to the suburbs, we've had to deal with this massive lawn. Within a week, the grass grows tall and in a neighborhood where everyone's lawn looks professional, ours was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb.

Originally we had been paying workers to do the lawn, but we're not rich and couldn't afford to keep that up very long - that was about $120 a month (however it also came with weed removal and so on which is also a pain that we now have to deal with on our own). We decided to invest in this lawn mower which pays for itself quickly.

It comes with a bottle of oil. The engine doesn't need much oil and you really don't need to replace it very often. And its also gas operated, but 1 gallon can last over 10 mowings. Our lawn is so big it takes about an hour to complete, so if your lawn is smaller, 1 gallon of gas will probably last you several months.

It comes with a detachable collection bag which allows you to dump the grass right in the trash and hook it back up and continue mowing with ease.

For its price, this mower is a great bargain and really gets the job done. We actually got it early in the summer and luckily it was on sale so we got it even cheaper than its current price. Its easy to use and maintain and now our lawn looks uniform with everyone elses! Thanks Yard Machines for removing our shame!