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Best Book Ever! This Is A Must Read Series

Reviewing: Erin Hunter Firestar's Quest  |  Rating:
By nschlete on
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In my experience in reading Firestar's Quest by Erin Hunter I realized how reading can result in a true masterpiece. The plot line was perfect and easy to follow. This book had everything I wanted in it: action, adventure, fantasy, and a shocking truth. If you have been following the warriors series (if not you have 1 hour to go to your library and borrow the first book Into the Forest), you know that there have been four clans in the forest for as many moons as any cat could ever imagine. Firestar's world turns upside down as he embarks on a journey like no other to find something he could have never imagined. The young clan leader is accompanied by Sandstorm-his mate-on his long odyssey through uncharted territories. One of Firestar's old kittypet friends starts to have dreams while sleeping in his house, with Firestar's help he decodes the strange omens, and sets off on a perilous journey to discover the truth. This is a book you will never forget, though I think it will be even more unforgettable if you are around young teen-young adult.Now get out there and read man, READ!!

P.S. There is some warriors terminology included in this piece, if confused look below

kittypet-cat that lives with twolegs(domestic cat)

twoleg-one who walks on two legs(humans)