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I don't know that much about Karaoke machines, but I will tell you to stear clear of the Acesonic Thunder Karaoke System. My parents own a small bar in my hometown and my brother and I bought them a karaoke machine as a Christmas present since my dad loves to sing karaoke. We bought it off E-bay but I found the same machine on AceKaraoke.com.

The system is portable and weighs about 60 pounds. It looks nice and a lot more expensive than what it is, which is what made me buy it. Bad idea! And, a lot of really cool feautures appealed to me. But if you can't hear the sound over buzzing and crackling, I guess features don't really matter?

It will play DVD, VCD, CDG, MP3, MP4, and WMAs. It originally comes with 40 karaoke discs. You can load up to 300 songs on the system so that you don't have to always have a disc to play the songs you want, which was a nice feauture for the bar. It has two 8" woofers and four 2" tweeters for a total of 300 Watts and comes with 2 wireless microphones, but there are inputs for 6 microphones.

It said that you can control the bass and echo, but trust me, you can't. That's our main complaint about the system is that, even with the bass turned all the way down, all you hear is the extremely loud beat of the music. If you turn the microphones up, all you hear is echo and crackling. We've tried everything and even called the customer service number since it was still under warranty, but they said they can't do anything about it. I will say this though, the picture quality is really nice!

I wouldn't recommend this karaoke system to anyone and it's a shame that something at that price doesn't work perfectly!

Update On Sep 10, 2008: The title of this review may be misleading. I typed Best in Karaoke Systems - Yeah right.. but I don't know what happened to the 'Yeah right' part. Sorry for any confusion!