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Best Mp3 Player

Reviewing: Sandisk Sansa Clip  |  Rating:
By jennam4 on
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I purchased the Sandisk Sansa Clip 4 gb on Ebay. It is the best player ever. There were 4 little easy start up cards enclosed. I was able to program all my radio stations without reading anything. It is the easier player I have ever had. It is very small and clips on to shirt, pants etc. The sound is wonderful. The volumn is great. I used it mowing with a lawn tractor and had no problem hearing my music. You can download audio books to it too. You don't have to install any software. Just plug the USB cable in and click on my computer and there it is! Dragging and dropping songs was very easy. I thought with this player being so small, I would have a hard time seeing the display, but it is crisp and bright and is no problem. Music is listed alphabetically and you can rate each song and just choose "my top list" if you'd like. You can also shuffle and repeat last song. It also records voice messages or records from the FM radio. Can't beat that. Battery lasts a long time. It states 17 hours but I haven't used it that long yet. I just LOVE this thing.

I had a Creative Zen micro which doesn't even compare to this player. Plus, the Zen only lasted a little while before if froze up and I could no longer use it.