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By archy22 on
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Have you heard of Thingamajig? This is a great word game for group gatherings, offering plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. They have very simple rules and very cool electronic gizmo.

Best age group suitable to play this game could be around 10. But even the older ones can play if you love the word games. Electronic "thingamajig" gizmo contains thousands of english words. You can visit the R&R website to know more about these games.

When we had been to picnic recently my son carried this game with him to play. Initially it was only my 2 kids and their cousin who were playing, but we all were tempted to play with them seeing them enjoy their games. It is far better than wasteful chit-chatting I can say.

Rules of the Game or How to play this game: When a player starts this game, you need to press the button on the Thingamajig and silently read the word it displays. You then need to give a definition of the word, hoping that most of the other players can guess it correctly. The other players need to write down their answers, and then read them aloud. Each player who guessed correctly gets a scoring chip. You as a started will also get a chip for each correct answer, unless every other player gets it right. The game continues until all of the scoring chips are claimed, when the player with the most chips is the winner. There is yet a secret in being successful in this game, give your opponents an ideally matching definition so that atleast one of them will not be able to guess the word correctly so that you can win the chip for yourself.

Thingamajig is an addictive and extremely clever addition to the party game and word game genres. I would recommend this game to all those who are interested in playing with words. We often keep them with us when we take our kids to outdoor tours.