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Best Rc Toy

Reviewing: X Heli Exceed Rc 2.4 Ghz Falcon 40 V2  |  Rating:
By mike oke on
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In my earlier years I always remember myself playing with a cool r/c helicopter. Wither it was inside the house or outside on my porch. My earlier years have proved the fact that the best toy ever in the entire would have to be an r/c helicopter. I strongly believe this fact because in my elementary school days it’s all I used to play with. I remember when I got my first r/c helicopter. It was fast, small, and rechargeable. It had red wings with white and black stripes on the side. Since then it was all I ever played with for about the next 2 years. Playing with the r/c will make you forget all about video games because it so much better. It brings the fun and enjoyment of playing video games to real life. Unlike a video game, you could actually see the helicopter flying right past you, hear the sound of the propellers whizzing past you ear, and feel the gentle winds as it delicately touches your skin. The graphics were so much better because it was in real life unlike all the video game graphs that were mostly 2-d back then. Not only could that but u always create new games to play with it. You could play games like who could go the highest, which could fly the longest without crashing, or even make home made adjustment which would totally personalize an r/c and make it one of a kind. It’s a lot of fun and I strongly advise anyone and everyone to get some kind of r/c, particularly an r/c helicopter. There are many different r/c helicopters with many different upgrades and accessories for your own personal r/c helicopter. There are some cool upgrades like bigger wing propellers, landing gear, bumpers and farther range. Some accessories would be stickers and cases. The best model of this incredible toy is the Exceed RC 2.4Ghz Falcon 40 V2. It has a high speed, High-efficiency tail rotor motor, with stable and precise controls used for centering to provide maximum control and precision. It has awesome accessories and upgrades like bigger propellers and carbon fiber blades which make the wing spin faster and fly higher. Its battery life is very efficient and can be upgraded to have a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t require you to constantly replenish the battery supply. This awesome helicopter comes in many different designs and colors. All models come with a durable thick black plastic material in the front witch makes it absorb damage from crashing for those who need a little mare practice than others. This amazing toy was so incredible that it was rated 5 stars by the critics and was given many great cements on nearly all remote control helicopter models. If all that doesn’t prove how incredibly amazing, fun, awesome, great, and unique this toy is then you must be “on something” because this toy is the best toy in the entire universe ever made.